Download Hax4You Ros Game Cheat Update

Hax4You Ros Game Cheat or Hax4You Cheat is one of the best cheat to use VIP features. 

This is one of the best Rule of Survival Cheat. Rule of Survival is a royal battle game that has over 150 million users worldwide.

 Hex4You is working for a long time and has become a trusted cheat source. It protects you from being ban while using the game features. 


What is Hax4You?

This is a far better rule of survival cheat than other cheats like Exiled Ros, Luciros, memory hackers, etc. you can find the download link for the app on its official website. The best thing about the Hax4You that it works 100% and it gets the regular updates with the latest features.

V7.0 is the latest updated version of it you will find following new features

  •  Better GUI graphics interface and improved GUI function
  •  You can now watch gif cheat preview
  •   You will get better security features as the anti-leech been improved.
  •   It has data cache now so you can enjoy without having data again and again
  •   You will get multiple game support now
  •   An advance auto-update function
  •   New fast activation method
  •   It gets a new server to provide a faster gaming experience.

Download Hax4You Ros Game Cheat

You will need .Net Framework 3.5 or above version. Before downloading it you will need to deactivate your antivirus. 

Now follow below steps to download Hax4You Ros Game Cheat –

  •  Find the downloading link for the game from its official website and click to download.
  •  Now open the downloaded file and click on the loader.
  •  Now click on Run as Administrator.
  •  It will check the update. After checking complete you will find a dialog box. Click on Activate 
  • Now it will ask for captcha verification. Click on I’m not a robot 
  •  Then press on Continue button
  •   Now Click on the get link
  •   Now you will get a link. Just copy the code. And activate it.
  •  After activation complete, you will have the Hax4You Ros game Cheat ready to use.

Hax4You Special Features:

  • You can see players through the wall and can see hide weapon
  • You would have different color chams like Red, green, blue, pink, yellow,white, black. Also, you can choose different hair colors like red, green, blue, pink and yellow.
  • You will get following D3D features- 
  • Players ESP
  • Players HP
  • Players Distance
  • Players Box
  • Players pose
  • Item ESP
  • Item Distance
  • Body ESP
  • Body Distance 
  • Vehicle ESP
  • Vehicle Distance 
  • You will get ESP features of Players ( Player HP Bar&text and Player box Angular, 3D, 4D), Item, Vehicle with Loot ESP and Loot Distance.
  • Following Aimbot features 
  •       FOV
  •       Aimbot Speed ( Bar and Text ) 
  •       Submit Target ( head, neck, and body)
  • Telekill or Telebomb features – FOV and Target by Distance and crossHair
  • Hax4You has the Ghost mode which makes you invisible until you turn off this mode. You can kill the enemy by being invisible.
  • Under memory features it has speed, jump, go up-down, vehicle speed, walkthrough, walk-in jump, auto climb, scope, fisheye, grave mode, no fall damage, and no grass, water, and fog.